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We Took the Gold!

It was such an exciting evening for MBI at the DSM Home Design Awards! This event is always a treat to attend- the aesthetics, food & drinks, & great company are all things we look forward to each year!

We were absolutely honored to take home Gold in the Dining Room category under Decor! This project was for the sweetest clients and was so fun, rewarding, and energizing to design.

At the end of the awards ceremony, the cover is unveiled. It's a surprise to everyone and this year is was particiulary exciting for our friends at MainBuilt! Major congratulations to them and LeAnn on her kitchen design- what a gorgeous space! (photo to the left).

Congratulations to all the designers and builders who submitted, were chosen as finalists, & selected for an award! This design community is fabulous to be a part of! Cheers!


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