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Tudor Tidings: Meghan's Traditional Home Feature

I'm so excited and completely honored to be sharing my home in the holiday issue for Traditional Home! I have always admired the homes shared in this issue and it's really the first feel of magic for the holiday season ahead. Traditional Home shares a beautiful range of homes, from minimal and mountain-inspired to decked and traditional.

We have managed and planned many photoshoots for Meghan Blum Interiors, but being a part of this production was incredible. The amount of people perfecting the space to get it just right and the professionalism was unmatched. I want to share a special thank you to Krissa Rossbund, Adam Albright, and Ella Schulte. I feel lucky to have worked with such great talents.

These photoshoots look glamorous and picture-perfect in print, but behind the scenes is another level of craziness! And we're here to share what the behind-the-scenes really looks like! Rooms filled with floral options and staircases with vases lined up like Home Goods- you can truly expect anything!

The kids thought it was a fun experience too! They loved their part in running down the staircase in making Christmas cookies in the kitchen! I think this will be a memory that we all share as a family.

Pictured from House of Blum:

The holidays, for me, are truly a time to slow down and enjoy what matters. I love spending time with my family and creating special memories together. We enjoy setting the house together and listening to Christmas music! I can't wait to begin ringing in the best time of the year! Thank you SO much to each and every one of you who has reached out and shared the kindest notes on this feature. I'm so honored to be a part of it! Cheers, friends!!


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