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Meghan's Summer Dress Roundup

As we enter some of my favorite months of the entire year, I thought it would be fun to share a few wardrobe staples when it comes to summer styling! The girls at the office know I am a true fan of wearing dresses almost every day when the sun is shining. It's an easy decision when you only have to worry about one thing to put on! Many of you have asked where I get my summer dresses, so here it is, friends!

*I am not making any commission off the links in this blog post.

We had our HOB Summer Collection photoshoot a few weeks ago and this dress was the perfect piece for comfort, a pop of color, and just made me feel good too. I love the poppies in a bright red hue for summer! If you look closely too there are little caterpillars dressed around the poppies! Such a cute detail! I love shopping locally and try any chance I can. I picked this dress up at Velvet Coat!


Last year, my family and I went to Nantucket for an end-of-the-summer vacation! I have heard wonderful things about Hill House and had to pop in when we walked by. It's such a charming brand and I love the way their iconic "Nap Dresses" fit! This dress pictured was dressier in the image on the website, but I kept it casual with sandals and minimal jewelry. I wore this dress for our Lakeside Living shoot and it would be so perfect for an evening dining al fresco!

Pair with my go-to outfit add-ons below for an easy summer look!


I just recently got my colors done at House of Color in Des Moines! I can say first-hand... it's a life-changing experience! I am a 'spring' and have had more confidence shopping this summer. I would have never pulled a lavender dress before, but once I put it on I saw how it complimented my hair, eyes, and skin tone!

This dress is effortless in the way it feels, but can be dressed up so easily! The silky material is breathable and comfortable too! The shape flows with your movement and it just fits perfectly!



Dress #1

Dress #2

Dress #3

Dress #4

Dress #5

Dress #6



Leather Sandal

Gold Chain Necklace

Gold Bangle-

Studded Sandal

Gold Huggie Earrings

Cheers, friends! Let me know if you want to see more blogs like this!


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