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5 Easter Hosting Tips to Save

Planning, prepping, setting, & enjoying all go into a holiday as a hostess. Between nailing the perfect menu and creating an intimate, beautiful gathering place, we're sharing Meghan's top 5 tips for hosting any holiday!

1.Planning your Menu & the Platters:

When we're young and attending grandmas annual Easter dinner, it may seem like it magically all comes together! However, days and sometimes weeks go into that beautiful meal.

One of my biggest tips is planning the menu and once that's finalized, planning the dishes and platters to go with it. I am a collector of all things entertaining, so I mix and match. I first pull out all the pieces I would like to use. Then I write on sticky notes what I'm serving. I pair the sticky notes with each platter so I have an appropriate size and style for each dish! This saves you from accidentally using the ham dish for the mashed potatoes, etc.!

2. Individual Table Settings:

I love to set a beautiful table! It's always a fun way for me to be creative and use my collectibles. Now that we have House of Blum, I love incorporating the latest napkin or glass we have on hand!

I love to make my family or guests feel special with their table settings. Adding their name and a little decoration goes a long way. For Easter, I always make these little homemade nests with eggs. We did a tutorial on Instagram, so I linked that here for you to watch!

3. Having a Treat Ready to Go for when Guests Arrive

Boards are such an easy way to display snacks beautifully! For this arrangement, I used a rattan tray and filled it with sweet Easter treats. It's an easy thing for guests to grab right when they walk through the door! I also always have a rosé or champagne chilling for holidays! Set out a few flutes and its a simple serve-yourself bar!

4. Layer in the Spring Colored Florals

Tulips, daffodils, cherry blossom branches and fresh greenery are such beautiful florals to tie into your Easter centerpiece. We even layered in mandarin branches (you can find these at Trader Joes with the stems on)!

We love to tie in a few smaller floral arrangements on the table as well. Small-budded white florals drape along the table in coral vases for pops of color!

5. Festive Touches Around the Home

Adding special touches around your home create a memorable scene! A few of our favorite ways to decorate for Easter are dying eggs, setting out chicks and bunnies, or decorate an Easter tree (my family tradition)! I trim real branches from trees in my yard, set them in a vase, and hang my glass decorative eggs on them. It's a fun tradition that my kids enjoy helping out with too!

We did a series on Instagram where I shared 13 days of DIY! A few of them were Easter related, so I linked those below!

Carrot and Floral Centerpiece-


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