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A Lakehome In the Works

We’ve been working on more second homes lately and having a lot of fun. While the majority of our second home clients are local to the Des Moines metro, these homes are as close as the Iowa lake communities and no limit to how far way they can be. We’ve developed a great process for ensuring every little detail and every step of the way is managed as if it were a few miles up the road. Remote design works well with the right teams in place on site and here at the studio. We really enjoy designing remotely.

Not only does create a fun logistical challenge, the environment and setting of these homes completely influence our design. The color schemes, the style, the luxury of it all gives way to bold design choices and sweet compositions that we might not develop for a permanent address.

We’re working on a stunning lake house project and are feeling all of the spring greens, whites and water-inspired hues. It’s like a breath of fresh air. This is a family spot with a mix of generations planning to use the space so we wanted to bring in sophistication through playful prints.

A set of the owner’s chairs will be refinished in this fabulous green color - SW Inbound. They’re going to be gorgeous.

Everything is comfortable and timeless. We love the balance all of these pieces and patterns create to make space that can be loved and used by anyone of any age. Can you feel the calm of the lake already? It’s hard to miss the feeling of the water and time away to relax in this one. Can’t wait to see this lake home unfold! Follow along for updates!


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