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What's David's Favorite Part About the Blum Tudor?

Besides the terrific amount of details that Meghan put into their family home, her husband, David, has a unique favorite feature. The two took on an early 1900s Tudor-style home 3 years ago and completely renovated it from the top to the bottom. Despite the amount of fabrics, materials, & accessories that make up the Blum Tudor, what’s the interior designer's husband’s favorite feature?

When Meghan designs primary bathrooms for clients, her first thought it always “what will my client regret NOT doing in this luxury space?”. Wishing you had a higher end feature or a different layout can be frustrating after the build is complete, so what is the one bathroom feature her clients can’t live without? Body sprays! This addition will take your showers from basic to a spa experience. If you’re remodeling or designing your bathroom, you’ve been granted a major “yes” to this luxury feature. You deserve it! Along with many of Meghan Blum Interiors’ clients, David Blum is now on board too.

Tell us- what’s a feature in your home you would add over & over again?! Leave your answer in the comments!


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