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Wallpaper can turn a nice room into an exceptional room. Pattern elevates spaces in a way that nothing else can. One things we LOVE about the wallpaper lines we use is that there is variety in style of pattern and in color! No two projects or clients are the same so having so many options to choose from is essential.

Take a look at images from MBI projects to see how we incorporated the color palette and personal style of the room through wallpaper. Some are bold and some are subtle—all are beautiful and the perfect fit for each space.

This minimal and botanical inspired print is timeless. It looks great in a traditional setting as well as a project with a coastal feel. We love the deep, rich tones of the paper we used in Harry’s room but the lighter colors are super pretty as well.

Contemporary black and white is definitely a favorite of ours. This wallpaper gives a handmade, painterly look while being chic and modern. The black and white is bold while the light grey has a “barely there” aesthetic.

Riveted upholstery is such a luxe look so it’s no surprise that we love this riveted wallpaper. Dimension, interest and sophistication is all added with this pattern. We love all of the neutrals it comes in.

We can’t leave out the bright and bold! This floral, Chinese inspired print is truly a wow-factor. The blues, reds and pinks in this color way was just what this room needed. It’s fun while still feeling mature.

We had to show one of our favorite prints on one of our favorite places to hang wallpaper — the ceiling! Wallpapering the ceiling is a great way to introduce a bold color palette to a room without having the space feel too colorful. This print has so many great color options to choose from.

What’s your wallpaper style? Traditional? Modern? Classic? Colorful? Neutral? Would love to hear!


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