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Trend Watch: Bows!

This frilly accessory is taking over the internet- from our clothing to our homes, bows are hot this season! We really love anything new and exciting at the MBI studio. Some trends were eager to hop on and others we let be, but bows sure have our attention!

The photo to the left in particular has stolen our hearts! The traditional decor, cozy jute rug, and captivating artwork paired with a colorful & playful tree are so inspiring. I love the shades of pink floating down the tree so loosely tied.

Another trend for Christmas trees that we're loving this year is tinsel. The silver sparkly decoration is so nostalgic and fun to look at. Twinkling lights make it even more magical!

All photos were taken from Pinterest.

I switched up my living room tree this year and layered in colorful bows and tinsel! I had to hop on this trend too because it's so cute & honestly matches perfectly with the vibe I have going on!

We're not only seeing bows creep into our holiday decor, but also dominate fashion! Hair bows are such a chic way to layer on accessories for the holiday season.

Bows are lovely for holiday events and even for a casual jeans & sweater moment. Whether it's velvet or satin, we're loving bows! We linked a few of our very favorites below.

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