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The Perfect 5 Ingredient Thanksgiving Table

When we think about the icons of Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie, a giant bird and faux cornucopias might come to mind. The real star of the Thanksgiving meal is the Thanksgiving table. It’s the place where we come together and connect. We share food, laughter and our gratitude. It’s the place we host those we love and hope they feel welcome to relax and revel in the holiday spirit. The table goes from ornate and overdressed before dinner, lively and paired down for the meal and then a bit disheveled by the end of the day with chairs pulled out for closer conversations over pie.

Want to make a table that wows and welcomes your guests? We’ve put together the 5 essential ingredients to include into your Thanksgiving tablescape. The best part? You probably have everything on hand, you just have to reimagine and remix the elements in a new way.


Setting a color palette can be as easy as looking around the dining room and noticing the colors that will be part of the color scheme. Look through your vases — do you have any colorful patterns on hand to build your table’s color collection with? Colored drinking glasses? Tablecloths? Even grab a few throw pillows from the sofa and add them to the head chairs. Pull all of the colors you have on hand and see where there is cohesion and a color story.

We started the palette with Meghan’s gorgeous head chairs. The green velvet was made even more spectacular seated with a deep pink pillow. Pink, green, black and natural tones set the scheme for the dinner table and it gave a general guideline of what to look for in styling and serving pieces.


We went for an eclectic mix of styles for our dining table. It feels lux and familiar all at once. Adding items collected from travels, antiques, heirlooms passed down and a bit of new finds can work together to make a personal, interesting table. Don’t be surprised when your guests start asking questions about the origins of the unique elements in front of them. Allow the Thanksgiving table to be a reflection of who you are and what you love.

We were inspired by our new items from House of Blum. We wanted to see if we could combine these special pieces in a way that felt natural for the dining table. The Floral and Moss Table Runner and Napkin set were a must to bring the color to the table. The Found Unglazed Large Jug has traveled from Greece to grace this table. We styled it as a vase with our Cream Rise Spray. Natural and beautifully carved wood, the Georgian Candlesticks give a much needed change in size and scale to the table.


Think through the courses, sides and beverages. When you style a formal table with layers of plates, a full set of silverware and glasses for water and wine, the setting gives your guests context for what’s to come with the meal. Just like a full room design, form should meet function. The table can be gorgeous and include everything that your guests will need to enjoy their dinner. Choose pieces with pattern, style and substance. It will be a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

Think you need priceless china to set a beautiful table? Think again. We used our favorite Brown Bamboo Melamine Plates and Appetizer Plates to create this gorgeous spread. We jumped at the chance to add in these Oxblood Colored Coupe Glasses. They bring so much depth and interest to the table. Texture paired with practical in the Lattice Wine Glasses, Rattan Napkin Rings and Cane Cloches.


Before the food is set out on the table, things can look sparse in the center. Fill the space with florals in large vases. The table will be a show stopper. Wondering how you’ll see the person across the table during the meal? Don’t worry, these beautiful arrangements will be relocated (try the coffee table or the kitchen counter!) when it’s time to put out the casserole dishes and the beautiful turkey. Mini vases with small arrangements can stay on the table, interspersed between serving platters to keep a festive feel.

Adding height to the Antiqued Brass Pot filled with eucalyptus was an easy task with the Classic Round Trivet. The Frenchie Large Confit Pot holds another bunch of the Cream Rice Spray to create cohesion on the table from end to end. And when the flowers are moved, the trivet can stay on the table to beautifully display the food. We put together small arrangements of dahlias and mums in the Terracotta Jugs throughout the table setting.


The last tip isn’t so much about dressing your table but dressing yourself. Punctuate the table design by coordinating with your outfit. The cohesion of the celebration will flow from the table through all of the conversations and activities. Whether or not your guests notice, the atmosphere will feel restful and intentional and you’ll look amazing, too.

Feeling glam? Match these incredible Crystal Pillar Candleholders. Feeling artistic? Find your inspiration from the Gray Floral Ceramic Vase. Meghan looked stunning in this pink floral dress that felt effortlessly vintage, modern and sophisticated—just like her table.

Get creative and find pieces on your bookshelf, in the back of the china cabinet, stuffed at the bottom of the linen drawer. Need a few extra pieces? Don’t miss The Thanksgiving Shop on House of Blum. You can pull together a beautiful, eclectic, interesting and practical table setting for your guests on Thanksgiving. Let your imagination run wild with the gorgeous possibilities that will inspire your guests to sit and chat a while longer.


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