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Spring-Inspired Design

One way we get our creative juices flowing around the studio is to pull materials, patterns and textures together for no other reason than create something beautiful. It’s just good for the soul and takes the pressure off when there’s no specific client in mind.

MBI Designer, Anna, created this design concept of soft palettes, wicker textures and decorative accents from House of Blum with Easter in mind. We love the joyful, playful and overall sophisticated style it conveys.

When we have our heads down, working on the logistical and technical side of our jobs, it’s good to exercise the creative side of our minds. This moodboard uplifted our whole team when we saw it laid out in the studio and it got us excited for Easter and the spring season. Thank you, Anna!

Don’t forget to find some of these great pieces like the Daphne Bowl at The House of Blum. Happy Easter from MBI!


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