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A few weeks ago, I had the house to myself. What a rare occasion! I was tempted to get the Christmas decorations out and go to town. Extended alone time during the holidays? It’s meant for decking the halls, right? Well after some inner debate on whether it was time to put the Christmas spirit into the Blum home, I took my dilemma to Instagram. If you participated in my question, I’m so thankful. It was hard to pass up a time to be productive and ahead of the ball with decorating but I’ve really enjoyed still having the fall decor up. It gives our house the Thanksgiving mood and keeps me in the present.

I always have a lot to reflect on this time of year. I seem to always be blown away by what can happen in the course of a year and this one is no different. A huge personal goal of mine — to have an online storefront as part of my business — was realized this fall. House of Blum took a lot of planning, key hires and so much work behind the scenes. I’m so glad it’s up and ready for Small Business Saturday this week. (Seems like a good time to mention free shipping on all orders this weekend! The studio will be closed, but House of Blum will be ready to go full of beautiful gifts for yourself or others. What a perfect time to get that lamp you've always wanted…)

As always, I have been blown away by my clients. The projects they invite me and our team to work on are incredible. This year has been an absolute practice in patience as industry delays have disrupted so many timelines when it comes to furniture deliveries and thus, installations. I'm thankful to have clients that trust the process and are willing to wait for their beautiful spaces. My staff and team have been incredibly supportive and patient as well, always encouraging that there’s nothing to be done. The delays make me feel like there’s a problem I can fix but with something like this, I truly can’t. I, too, have to trust the process. It always works out and it’s always beautiful. Grateful!

Last but definitely not least, I’m so thankful for my family. It takes a lot to manage a business, manage my family’s schedule and then manage to find time where we can all have silly fun. I’m so grateful they’re mine. We’re hosting our extended family at our house this year. It’s been really fun to plan. We’ll be sitting around a table with antlers, magnolia leaves and crystal candlesticks, eating way more than we can imagine and making cherished memories. This is the best way to spend Thanksgiving, I’m sure.

Happy Thanksgiving to you! You being a reader of this blog is a huge encouragement and support to me. It means more than you know!


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