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It’s a weird feeling to think that your job is of interest to other people. Not necessarily the in’s and out’s of the job is interesting, but I’ve been asked so many questions on designs lately that I forget people are doing their own home projects or juggling building a new home versus undergoing a major renovation. Homes are often the largest investment a person makes, so making the right decision can feel scary.

We complied our most-asked questions into one blog post for you to gather inspo or new information from. Here we go!

  1. Should your laundry & kitchen counters be the same?

Doesn’t have to! I’ve found that I select different counters for laundry and kitchens now that I’ve been looking through photos. The laundry room can be a place to save money, so marble counters are necessary in there. Quartz is a great option for laundry counters as it looks clean and simple too.

2. I already live in my new build. How can I add character?

One word… MILLWORK! All of these spaces shown below are new construction. Ceiling millwork and details on the walls make a grand difference. Push-button light switches are another one of my best-kept secrets (photo shared below).

Push-button light switch. Commonly found in older homes.

3. When remodeling or building a new home, do you get a few bids?

When you’re in the process of searching for builders, we believe quality should always take #1. A company could have the very best Instagram account, but if the actual home photographed is built poorly, it doesn’t matter how pretty it looked then. If you prefer a more traditional home, then ensure your builder doesn’t only build contemporary. You won’t be happy in the end and feel like your builder was an expert of your designs. Prices are relatively similar among materials in the high-end housing market. Don’t worry too much that your home price isn’t accurate. Remember, you’re paying for quality labor, carpenters, electricians, tile setters, painters, and designers.

4. Do you typically follow the same lighting finish throughout the home?

Rarely! That being said, sometimes it can be tricky to do if you haven’t had a lot of practice in mixing metals. If you are lighting your home yourself, I say stick to the same finish and keep it easy. If you have a designer working with you, mix away! So many details go into mixing the metals, so here’s my quick tricks to achieve.

  1. Mixing a gold-legged accent table into a living room with a polished nickel chandelier is a great way to mix. It warms up the space! Adding in a black art easel would even look okay in here.

2. I never say never but if I have a antique brass pendant in a kitchen, I’m also going to place antique brass sconces. This way it flows and nothing stand out in a bad way.

3. Each room deserves its own story. Pictured below is a dining room versus a primary bedroom in the same home. Different lighting stories were necessary.

5. How do you dress up a staircase?

Millwork….again! I love a grand entry, which usually involves a staircase. When an enclosed area is head-to-toe in millwork, its jaw-dropping. A foyer table (around 54 inches is what we do for our projects) filled with statement accessories with great heigh is always a plus. Artwork, small furniture pieces, and chests are a great addition too.

All photography by Carolyn Vaughn.

If you like following along on our Q&A style stories, let us know! We love to share and offer any advice we can. We’re so thankful for the platform we have and to be able to showcase what we love to do. Cheers, friends!


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