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Our 3 Tips for Creating Layers

You've likely heard the word "layers" and "layering" spoken in abundance when it comes to decorating. As interior designers, we don't talk about it enough! I thought there was no better season than fall to talk about layers and styling your homes. Here are some of our best tips collected into one blog post!

#1 Layering with Books

Styling with different colors of books or unique bindings is a great way to bring height to accessories. It also grounds them beautifully and makes the arrangement look set and intentional. Another way to layer books beautifully is to display open pages with a bookstand!

Shop a few of our favorite books here!

#2 Add a Mini Lamp

Add a little light and a whole lot of interest to your bookcases or kitchen countertops with a mini lamp! We love using crystal to bounce light or a pretty alabaster finish for something more organic.

#3 Faux or Fresh Foilage

Seasonal foliage is perfect for embracing new seasons in your home! Whether you go for an effortless single-stem arrangement or a full arrangement that looks like it came straight from the floral shop, style with stems! Here are a few of our favorite arrangements we've styled within our projects.

We can't wait to share more new projects, styling tips, and answer your most-asked questions! Send an email to if you have any questions for us! We love hearing from you!


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