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One of a Kind Collection!

Such an exciting collection went live on today! I spent a year browsing through antique shops an collecting a truly curated One of a Kind, antique collection. I have been asked so many times where I source my personal items in my home and most are antiques. We took the time out of the hunt, and delivered beautiful pieces to you! Let me know in the comments which are your favorites!w

"I love how vintage items breathe life into a home. Imperfections & patina layers in richness & history- unlike any other piece."

-Meghan Blum

Imbedding antiques into your home is both unique and affordable! It's also a sustainable way to decorate and style. The hunt is the fun part for a designer, but I understand that that can be the stressful aspect of antique-ing.

My kitchen is a space in my home that is full of found treasures! I love to style my kitchen bookshelves with antiques. It's a great way to switch out color & play around with new combinations. There are so. many beautiful pitchers & vases in this collection- perfect for kitchen styling!

One combo we're loving for spring & summer is this yellow & pink! It's bright, energetic, & just happy in the home!

Let us know in the comments which pieces you're loving the most!! If antiques is something you are loving from House of Blum, let us know!


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