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Meghan's Bedroom Reveal: a chic design-inspired retreat

Is it a surprise that my bedroom was one of the last rooms to complete in my home? As a parent, sometimes it feels like we take the backseat so our kids can take the lead. My sons share a room now that has been complete since we moved in and I designed Lillian's room during my pregnancy three years ago. My husband and I's bedroom finally had its turn to be remodeled. We have an early 1900s Tudor Style home that had some beautiful bones to work with. I knew I wanted a retreat- something relaxing, feminine, and welcoming after a long day. I can't wait to share this space with you and hope it inspires you to make your personal spaces as comfortable as you can!



When we moved into the home, I knew the bones were great in our bedroom! We took away some of the built-ins but left one for picture frames and some of my favorite antiques. We mostly just made cosmetic changes to our bedroom, which made plenty of room for detail. Wallpaper, new flooring, light fixture, draperies, and bedding made all the difference in this space!

Blush is one of my favorite colors of the home! It's truly neutral in my book! Let's talk about the bed and bedding first. Layers are the best way to make your bed look like the epic beds you see in the showrooms. I usually opt for three euros, two 22x22 pillows, and a 14x20 lumbar or bolster-style pillow in the very front. I pulled the greyish tones, blue, and baby blue to tie it all together. Antique brass and grey studded jeweled tape on the lumbar match the tape on the draperies too. I LOVE adding a scaldino to the foot of the bed for an extra layer but it's also known to keep your feet warm in the night. What a charming touch, right?

As a designer, there are so many wishlist items that we always keep in the back of our heads. This bed was one of them. The beautiful beveled edges and tufted headboard are elegant and class- my two favorite descriptors when it comes to design.

For the other areas of the room, I brought in accessories and artwork from some of my favorite brands. I love to source art from Liz Lidgett any chance I can get and when I saw these gorgeous pieces I knew I had to have them for my bedroom. I don't usually keep symmetrical, but for this space, I knew it would pack the punch to mirror the design. Besides different accessories on each nightstand, the rest of the room was mirrored intentionally. Visual comfort beveled crystal lamps and cabinet-style nightstands sealed the deal!

I love the look of a statement chandelier for master bedrooms, but knew I needed functionality too. The perfect compromise... a fandelier! This antique brass one is one of my favorites and its scale was perfect. I don't have super high ceilings, so it sits lower and creates more of an impact. The antique brass carries through the lamp hardware, drapery rods, and even in the wallpaper. I went for a textured gold grasscloth and love the shimmer is provides!

Email us at with any questions you have about this space or anything else! As always, thank you for being here, friends! Cheers!


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