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Hosting Tips for the Holidays

Hosting family and/or friends for the holidays is fun, but comes with preparation! I have my top 5 random tips I practice here at your fingertips to try! These simple tips make the holidays go smoothly and put less stress on your shoulders!

  1. Setting the scene in your guest bedrooms makes a comfortable and memorable stay for your friends & family! Here are a few simple tips for layering in the cozy!

  • have fresh flowers and a water carafe on the bedside

  • different magazines are a fun touch for guests to peek through

  • nightstand lamps (bonus points- have them on or dimmed when they arrive)

  • leave a few blankets at the foot of the bed

  • different pillow options

  • clean out nightstand drawers and closets

2. Prep your meals! If you are having guests stay overnight, I like to have an egg casserole and some sort of bread ready to go for the morning. I usually pick a different one on Pinterest each year to try and paired with a cinnamon roll or sticky buns is the perfect meal!

3. If you're hosting, you are likely already thinking about what to serve your guests. We can overthink the menu, but a few options are just what our guests need (and it keeps us sane too!).

My rule of thumb is generally 4-5 appetizers and sweet treats! Here are a few fun ideas for your soiree.

  1. Cheese Board- gather an assortment of cheeses, meats, crackers, nuts, dried fruit, chocolates, and dips.

  2. I love a bread or crust appetizer. You can. make them pretty with garnishes & color! These Cranberry Brie Puff Pastry Cups are perfect!

  3. Cheese Balls are perfect and scream holidays! Layer with a pretty buttery cracker & you have the perfect app!

  4. I always add a meat appetizer or 2! Cranberry Crockpot Meatballs are both easy & yummy!

  5. Cookie Trays provide a sweet option for everyone!

4. Add something fun to your table setting! For Niña Williams Blog Christmas table setting, we added a mini bottle of Prosecco to each plate! Each guest can pop their own bubbly and pour it into a beautiful coupe glass with fresh berries. It's elevated, exciting, and gets your guests involved! It's also unexpected, and we love that!

For guests who are underage or do not prefer alcohol, you can add a sparkling mini bottle or a soda to enjoy over the berries.

Another idea for a place setting is a hand-written note! It's so special and perfect for spreading cheer throughout the season.

5. A self-serve bar allows guests to prepare their beverage of choice to their liking! It also saves you from making cocktails all night! A nice variety of liquors, bubbly, canned drinks, beer, and N/A options are all you need! I listed a few favorite combos below!

  • A mule bar is fun & festive! Have cans of ginger beer, vodka, and bitters on hand. Add cut citrus fruits, cranberries, and rosemary sprigs to top the drinks in small bowls.

  • Champagne & fixings! I open a nicer champagne for the first toast and then switch to an average bottle if people want to keep sipping. Add pomegranate seeds to the bottom of each glass for a festive punch.

  • Make a punch! Filling a beautiful crystal punch bowl with yummy flavors is perfect for guests of all ages!

I hope these simple tips help you with your holiday planning! I can't wait to hear how it goes! Respond in the comments which tips you tried and if you made any of the yummy recipes! Merry Christmas & cheers!


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