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Chandeliers: A Roundup of our Favorites

Lighting is the topic of conversation these days in interior design! It truly is the jewelry of the home! We've rounded up some of our very favorite chandeliers we've designed and why they are perfect for each space!

Chandeliers are really a home's time to shine. A dining space is especially important to create that conversation starter and capture the room's ambiance with light. For the dining room in our Preppy Traditional Project, a cascading beaded chandelier really plays into the coastal feel this overall project had. Bamboo detailed chairs, slipcovered head chairs, and a light-washed table are the perfect accents to the chandelier!

Round chandeliers can be beautiful hanging above a rectangular or round table. It adds and elegance and class to your space!

a few of our favorite crystal chandeliers

Let's be honest, there's just something about crystal! Light streaming in beams off it like no other material. It's timeless and beautiful! I especially love crystal when it comes to lighting. It plays well with both nickel and gold finishes too!

Entryways are another opportunity to leave an impression! There's nothing like walking through the front door and feeling at peace with your home. Whichever scale your entryway is, layer in a beautiful fixture to welcome yourself home!


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