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Celebrating Mother's Day

From being a mother, to employing mothers, to designing for mothers, I love how MBI has a hand in creating a warm environment for families to flourish.

When I opened the Meghan Blum Interiors studio and showroom, I was a mother of one. Victor was a toddler. Being a business owner was new, being a mother was new. I had so many hopes for my family life and for my career at that stage. Now, a mother of 3 and the Chief Creative Officer of a full team of talented designers and support staff, I am so proud of the work within my home and in design that has been accomplished in these 7 years.

While I am so thankful for the way MBI has established itself as an integral part of the design community in Des Moines, my pride in my children will always be greater. Being a mother is fun, demanding and inspiring. I love creating core memories for my children with the way we celebrate big and small events and holidays. I want them to always see themselves as cherished and prioritized, no matter how many projects MBI is juggling at a time.

Can you believe how sweet these three are?

I'm thankful for the childhood they've been able to experience with a culture of beauty, fun and love for one another.

Getting to raise our children in a home that champions small business and entrepreneurship (David owns his own chiropractic business!) is a unique aspect of our family life. I am curious to see how our passion, hard work and dedication to our businesses will influence Victor, Harry and Lily in their future work. Though I hope when they look back, they mostly see our hard work to maintain a strong family unit and present parenting. What a joy it is to be their mom!

I'm so grateful for the way MBI supports my motherhood as well as the other moms on our team. Being part of our team is to be part of creative, strong women, many of whom are also mothers. I love that the jobs MBI creates provide great work/life balance to families. It's definitely a perk of owning and cultivating a business -- to instill the high regard for mothers and their families into the work culture.

We love getting to work on spaces with family life in mind. When clients come to us and express their need and desire to curate a home with functional and comfortable elements to suit children and the upkeep of the home in mind, we love to combine our professional insight with a motherly touch to improve the lives of the parents we design for.

Motherhood is magical! If you celebrate Mother's Day or are celebrated on Mother's Day, I hope you take sometime this weekend to consider how incredible mothers can be. Happy Mother's Day to all who celebrate!


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