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Answering One of Our Top Questions:

Interior design is constantly evolving to adapt to new trends and inspirations. It's one of the reasons designers adore this profession! The creativity and potential are limitless! One question we keep getting is how we incorporate color into our design projects! There's always a fine line, but we're getting more confident and daring with our choices. Here are our top tips for bringing color into the home!

#1 Balance the Color

This entry is at our #RevivedGlam project which pulled colorful throughout the entire home. This was a remodel project at a home that was 20 years old. The grand foyer was classic and traditional with the wainscoting and two-story entrance. We kept it fairly neutral, but layered in colorful artwork to balance with the rest of the home! The colorful artwork and hot pink book balance color beautifully on this entry console.

#2 Our Favorite Pairings

It's okay to branch out to different color shades in one room! Some of our favorite combos are blue and purple, blue and orange, pink and green, and blue and pink! We went with a deep lavender for the throw pillows and a true blue drapery pattern to bring these colors together.

#3 Tie In the Elements

When planning for color in your space, start with your favorite and layer on the others. Green is the star of the show in this space and blue is the secondary. We kept these shades consistent in the drapery trim, rug, chair backing, and tones in the cabinetry. Our goal was not to be monochromatic with this room, so we selected a chair fabric that had pink and orange. The colors marry together so well! In our design process, we put all the fabrics together in the home so our clients can see all the upholstery laid out. It's one of our favorite meetings to present!

#4 Start with a Table Setting

The best way to bring color into your home is in a temporary way. It's your time to play with different hues and textures to see what you love! You can have a neutral-designed room and layer in pops of color for a fresh look! Switch it out seasonally for more experimentation. We love the blue and orange table setting for and end of the summer bash!

Comment below your favorite color combos when it comes to home! See you next time, friends! Cheers!


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