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A Very Thankful Thanksgiving

The team and I started putting gifts together for our industry and community partners this week. Getting a head start on gifting got us all into the grateful spirit. I love that about giving — it makes the gift-er grateful!

When I think about the projects, clients, partnerships and big plans that came our way this year, I can’t help but be grateful, thankful, encouraged. So many dreams and aspirations fell into place this year and it goes by so fast, it can be hard to fully appreciate the importance and magnitude in the moment.

There were awards, acknowledgements, new business ventures, and some really exciting plans approaching (promise to tell soon!). There were sweet, trusting clients who brought us on to build or renovate the homes of their dreams. There were great vendors to collaborate with between custom furniture, beautiful millwork, and local artisans and makers at our pop ups. There was time for travel and inspiration with my family, just with David, on my own and with my team.

Speaking of my team, I saw each person grow so much this year — stepping into the gifts and talents they’ve always had and feeling confident in them and expanding their impact. It is a special thing to get to watch and hopefully help cultivate in other designers and the support staff at MBI.

I’m also thankful for this time of the year when birthday parties, holidays, MBI events keep things social and exciting. Next week MBI and Main Built will be hosting an Open House and you’re invited! Just like I love gifting, I also love sharing the spaces we’ve created that feel like home to us and hopefully will to you as well.

I’m grateful for extra time off to be with my family. My work is so rewarding and inspiring but there’s nothing like sitting around the table with David, Victor, Harry and Lillian. Getting some extra time with all of us home is exactly what this exciting and full year calls for.

Last and not least, I’m thankful for you and the endless support my team and I feel from our family, friends, clients and followers that support us on the blog, like our posts come to our events, hire us for projects and just cheer us on in general. It means more than we can say. In every small action, you are supporting our small business and that is a big deal that I don’t take lightly. THANK YOU!


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