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Wow!! 2021 was one for the books as it was truly one for growth! Not just a little growth, but big growth which is exciting! Growth is my word for the year. We always start a year off with new plans, goals and ideas for implementation. We did that in 2021. Our team embraced these new challenges and I spent a good part of the year making integral changes. This team is part of the bigger picture of where we see MBI going for the next few years. It’s invigorating to work with people that are open for change which is the key to our future. For that, I am grateful for having a team that brings energy to our vision and allows them to excel at their creative talents. Another large success this year was the growth of our brand. Our brand grew to include “House of Blum” which is a new endeavor that is not only exciting but opens up new avenues for customers to explore our products. We spent a good part of the year collecting, photographing, and launching this new venue.

Patience was a very important element this year for MBI as well. Patience by our team, clients, and myself were challenges we dealt with on many levels. Our industry had changes unlike anything we've ever seen. Lead times extended, supply chains disrupted, and projects taking way longer than expected. So it was a true test of patience by all. I think our team did a superior job with this and was constantly keeping our valued clients in the loop. I needed to show patience in managing these new circumstances in our industry and by getting “House of Blum” up and running. These are elements I've been initiating over the last few years, so the patience to stay focused was necessary to move MBI forward.

I truly feel growth was a big one this year but more importantly I strive to have our growth be authentic to who we are and the work we do. Being real, genuine with a sprinkle of uniqueness has always been a core value when I started MBI. It's something I maintain in everything I do and a key principle in how we do business. Being authentic is paramount in working with clients. It's easy to be copied but the genuine character and authenticity of MBI emphasize our brand, designs, and ultimately our satisfied clients. We strive on every project to make them distinctive. I've spent my career curating unique brands, designs, and elements that are a trademark to MBI. Because of our commitment to excellence, I am proud that we can give this to our clients! So while 2021 was an exciting one for growth, I've got some pretty exciting developments for 2022! Our world continues to grow, evolve, and change and to continue to become a better brand we must step into new arenas. For that, you'll have to stay tuned!!

Thank you, my friends, for your continued support! We wouldn't be here without you! Cheers to a great year and all that 2022 brings! The best is yet to come!




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