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6 Ways to Execute a Seamless Photoshoot

Spectacular photos are what bring business to interior design firms in this new era. Consumers care more and more about how a photo looks and the serenity it provides. Finding an aesthetic that you can relate to on Instagram sometimes makes you feel like you’ve found your own “groupie”. Designers are putting more and more into their photoshoots and producing gorgeous portfolios is always exciting. However… don’t be fooled by the gorgeous photography, because stress, sweat, & lots of labor went into that pretty photo of flowers falling perfectly out of a sink (yes, we did this once and so worth it!). Let’s dive into our 7 tips to executing a seamless photoshoot.

  1. Create a gameplan prior to the photoshoot! Make a list of each room you are going to photograph and what will be needed for each room. For example, we like to put photos of the current room in a powerpoint and make bulleted prop list on each page. For example, for a kitchen we may add to the list; lemons, one fresh large flower arrangement, 4 small flower arrangements, 2 cutting boards, 2 kitchen towels, hand soap, etc. Most of our homes have many props added to make the photo look photo-ready.

PRO TIP: Plan which flowers you want at least one week prior to the photoshoot. Call your local florists and they can order specific stems for you in advance. For this kitchen, we needed ranunculus and gladiolas which aren’t the easiest to find.

2. Get your dream team together! On large photoshoots, you can’t do it all! We always have at least 2-3 people on each shoot and sometimes it’s the entire team. Here’s the 3 people you absolutely need to have!

  1. Art Director- this person will guide the photographer on which angles to shoot and which home areas to capture. They will also know which items need to be moved based on the angle the room is being taken.

  2. Clean-up crew! To move efficiently, have a crew there to help clean up once rooms are done being photographed.

  3. Designer on the project- we always make sure the designer on that specific project is there so they can point out the details of the home. If the ceiling had a specific detail or window treatment, we want to make sure it’s photographed perfectly!

  4. Professional photographer- always make sure your photos are being professionally taken. It’s an investment, but a return once you see how pretty the photos turn out.

3. ALWAYS use a professional photographer! Interior photographers have a way of manipulating light in a way that makes your photos gorgeous. They also have the best angles!

4. Pay attention to food and florals. It may sound weird to pull together orange bell peppers, apples, artichokes, lettuces, and radishes into a platter because it’s unnatural to sit on a counter normally. But the vibrant, organic, fresh feel that produce brings to a space is breathtaking. Here’s a few photos to prove our point!

PRO TIP: placing mounds of fresh kale in the sink is an effortless style that we love.

5. Seasonal styling. Our firm is based in Iowa, so we experience all four seasons. For social media purposes, we like to showcase interiors in all seasons. Florals and foods help bring out the seasonal changes in your photos! Try maple or magnolia leaves for fall styling and bright fresh florals for more summery photos.

6. Try a tablescape! Photographing a home is laborious and time-consuming. Get as much as you can out of each session. We usually create a tablescape so we have content to share in the upcoming events/seasons. A Fourth of July table can be easily created (and it’s fun!) and presented at your next photoshoot.

Interior Design photoshoots look glamorous to the eye, but don’t let that fool you! After 8 years in the industry, we’ve tried and tested many ways to photoshoot and these 6 tips are used during each one. Plan, prep, and enjoy! Seeing your work finished is truly a wonderful feeling!


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