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I can’t believe I finally get to share the exciting news with you! Meghan Blum Interiors has a sister brand, House of Blum. I’ve had an online store in my dreams for a while and to put this into fruition is a great feeling. I want to thank my team for the support they’ve shown and every role they’ve played in bringing this together. I hired a marketing manager, Katelyn, this past spring and she has brought my vision to life with the website and product curation. My team and I had so many photoshoots this summer and Carolyn Vaughn, our photographer, has really done an exceptional job capturing these beautiful pieces.

As I reflect, I am most excited to finally steer people in a direction of selecting pieces for their home that I can stand behind. I’ve used these products for more than a decade and believe in their quality, where they were sourced, and how they were made. Many of my products are made with human hands in the USA, and that’s something I take great pride in. When a follower on Instagram asks, “Hey, where can I find a vase for my centerpiece on my dining table?”I can give them an answer in pure confidence. My reply would be, “ for your space, I’d go with the Brown Porcelain Dragon Motif Jar!”. I know the scale will be right and it will just as beautiful in person for them. I would decorate my home with all of the items in House of Blum- I love them that much and if there were enough room:)

Cheers to a new chapter in the book that I can’t wait to begin. When something you’ve dreamed of is finally here, it’s just an overall great feeling. I couldn’t do it without the support of you all too, so thank you thank you for following along with Meghan Blum Interiors, and now House of Blum too!

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