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The Blum Backyard Reveal

I'm so excited to share a space we've been dreaming up for years now! When we bought our 1900's Tudor Home, we knew the potential, but have really changed the home as we've known what it's like to live there for almost 5 years now! We spend a lot of time outside with our three kids, so the backyard makeover was up on the list!

We've done our backyard in phases to get here, but this was always the hope and dream. Two years ago we did the first retaining wall with plantings to create a focal point and improve the structure of the lot. Then, we added the pool and finished off the space last summer. Our garage was old and needed an update, so we drafted new plans and decided to build a garage with a carriage house/pool house on top. If you live in an older home, you understand that basements aren't a thing. It's nice to have a designated space to watch sports and have people over, so this space is going to bring us that! The carriage house is not complete, so stay tuned for more photos to come!

I loved the idea of doing some sort of indoor/outdoor entertaining piece for the deck. We decided to do a countertop that extends from the inside of the pool house to the outside bar. There is a glass door that you can slide to open up the space! The interior of the carriage house is not complete yet, so stay tuned for more photos on that!

I got a lot of questions on where I got my swivel wicker dining chairs that went around our table for the Fourth photoshoot. I can say now that we have used them for a couple of weeks- they are great! I love the look of them, but they are also so comfortable and relaxing. I linked them below!

I love decorating the interior of my home, so why would the outside be any different? I styled cocktail tables and side tables with coral, blue & white ginger jars, colorful accent jars, table lamps, and of course, flowers! I kept it simple with greenery and white being the main flowers we planted this year. I stuck a few pink hydrangea bushes in pots for some added color as well. One tip for keeping your jars upright against the wind is filling them with sand or water!

One of my favorite things about this space we've created is it allows us to spend so much quality time outdoors! Whether it's in the pool, lounging on the furniture reading, or watching the kids run around. It's become the center of our summers!


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