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This project was a fun one for MBI to tackle. A completely contemporary remodel was not a first for us, but one of the first we’ve photographed. We don’t always have a chance to photograph all of our projects, so I’m so glad we could capture such a unique style for you all.

It’s becoming more and more popular to edit down the accessories and excess furniture. Clients 55+, empty nesters or even younger clients wanting to streamline their living spaces are asking for a more minimal, modern take on their spaces. We all live differently — I’m definitely a maximalist in my own home — and I love that every project comes with a unique set of needs, practicality and style.

This client is a lover of original art pieces. Sculptures, art canvases and handmade pottery fills this home with rich history and interest. White walls were the first piece to the remodel puzzle- a blank canvas for the art, furniture, lighting, and focal points to shine.

We kept the dark slate tile flooring and extended it into the living space, removing the outdated carpet. The carpet felt random and unnecessary. The addition of a marble surround enhanced the already massive floor-to-ceiling fireplace. It is a beautiful focal point with a black floating ledge. White trim replaced the outdated oak trim—it’s incredible how such a small detail can make such a huge difference.

A large rug anchored the room and brought in a little softness. The furniture layout is so important to the design process and after a few trials, 4 different chairs, 1 sleek sofa, a coffee table, a few accent tables, and ottomans were the answer. Barrel chairs were a fun change and the backing brought stately details with the nickel accents. Knotted texture in the coffee table was a fun change and we’re so glad we did it. It brought little layer of warmth that the contemporary and white room needed.

We can’t wait to show you more of this home and dive into each design decision in the rooms. This may be your sign to switch up styles a little bit and try something new!


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