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Highlights from High Point Market- trend watch for 2023

High Point Market is such an inspiring week for interior designers. Consider this place a playland full of new aspirations and showrooms really go all out to pack the punch. Every year there seems to be a theme for the showrooms (for 2021 we saw so much chocolate brown), but this year every style was appreciated. Some showrooms embraced traditional through and through and some went full cool contemporary. So, for 2023, what WILL be the trends for interior design? Keep reading to see Meghan’s picks!


Sometimes trends stick and sometimes they pass, but 2023 will be full of variety in the design realm. It’s a neat time for interior designers that there is availability to design for clients of all tastes. It allows our Instagram feeds to become more original, curated, & unique. Which trend are you excited about for the new year ahead? Comment below!
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