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Blum's in the Bahamas: our trip takeaways

My family just got back from time away in Spanish Wells, Bahamas and it was so refreshing. There are a lot of ways to enjoy the Bahamas from all-inclusive resorts and more tourist designed experiences to relaxed living in less commercialized towns. I love both and this time around, the no-fuss, low-key island living was the way to go.

This was our second trip to this location but we switched it up this time and traveled with my entire side of the family! We wanted to share this hidden gem with them and enjoy time away connecting as a family. While traveling with a large group can seem stressful, the only stressor was waiting for everyone’s negative Covid tests to come back. Then we were off for island fun.

The beach house we rented was right on the water and so we enjoyed the immediate access to the ocean as much as we wanted. The week was filled with family chats, walking on the beach, boating, fishing, playing in the water and reading from the perfect balcony looking out onto the water. We cooked almost all of our own meals and enjoyed the no-agenda days full of fun.

These sorts of trips become landmarks in our memories - our kids at a certain age, my parents at a certain age, etc. that we will look back on so fondly. To take advantage of the memories being made, I arranged a photographer to join us shortly to capture this moment in our lives. I already love looking at the photos we received and I know I’ll cherish them forever.

I also always love to purchase something to bring home and incorporate into my decor to remind me of the time and place. Because this was a low-key town without a strong tourist presence (which we LOVED), finding mementos looked like supporting a local artist and buying photographer prints. The photographs allow me to see such a beautiful space from a local perspective. I can’t wait to get these prints framed and displayed.

I’ve been long inspired by the ocean and tropical settings. Here are some House of Blum links to coastal-inspired products we have! Blues, textures, coral-inspired pieces, and tropical colors are on our minds when thinking of the beach!


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