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A Genius Tablecloth You'd Never Expect

Table setting is a bit of an art. From the flowers to the dishes to the linens and the chairs; each adds it own personality to the overall theme. It feels like a fun challenge to never set the same tablescape twice. But we found that it doesn’t have to mean buying all new things. Switching out one or two elements can really influence the whole look in a new direction.

For this brunch setting, we knew what dishes we wanted to use, which drinking glasses and chairs. But there wasn’t a clear winner for the tablecloth. After trying a few options, we knew more of what we wanted — something light and bright and some stripes to anchor the table. Lightbulb moment…BEACH TOWELS! We grabbed a few from the linen cabinet and set the table — perfection. Spring vibes with a sophisticated feel.

We layered rattan chargers, vintage dishes and modern napkins. The table was decorated with little bud vases and votive holders. Pink water glasses were a fun and feminine touch. All of it looked incredible on the chunky peach and white striped towels.

Not only did it create a beautiful setting for our team brunch, it also was a breeze to clean up. Just shake them out and throw into the wash!

Recreate this look! Thrift vintage dishware at your local antique store or second-hand store. You might even find some whimsical glassware there too! Looking for the perfect multi-purpose beach towel? We found some for you that will make your brunch table and summer beach ensemble look great.


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