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When to Hire an Interior Designer

Partnership is one of the most important aspects when building a home. It should be fun and a shared collaboration of ideas, wants needs, and suggestions... between all parties included in the project. We received such an important question in our DM's last week that we wanted to dedicate an entire blog post to it. I'm sure that if this person was asking, there are likely others that are curious too!

The question was: when do you hire an interior designer when building a new home or doing a full remodel?

The answer is at the very beginning. Every person who may be working on your home (contractor, architect, interior designer, cabinet designer, etc.) should all be hired at the beginning so they can work together to construct a well-designed, cohesive home together. Each profession brings a different value.

As a designer, we may suggest that a pocket door be placed on the pantry opening so people can't look at rows of messy cans or to add a ceiling detail to the dining room to bring attention to the statement light fixture that has been selected.

It's a successful new construction or remodel when we work through the entirety of the project! We can begin designing and ordering lighting, furniture, rugs, and accessories so that when you move in, your new home will be fully installed and ready to enjoy! We love doing a big HGTV-style reveal after the duration of a project to reveal the final product!

We would love to hear and answer any other questions you may have! Send an email to and we will answer all your questions!


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