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This One Thing Will Elevate Any Room

Everything has a foundation. From homes to relationships, great things are built on an even better foundation. Rooms have the same equation! When we're designing any room, we always have the rug at the forefront of our minds. Rugs can be the most difficult piece to get the right scale, pattern, and material just right. Here's our take on how to get it RIGHT when it comes to the "anchor of the room"!

Here are our 4 quick tips when selecting a rug for your space:

  1. Always go bigger! For living rooms, make sure each piece of furniture touches the rug, but that is doesn't extend past the backsides of the furniture. Most living rooms can handle an 8x10, 9x12, 9x14, or even custom sizes can go larger.

  2. Natural materials elevate your environment. Hand-knotted wool rugs bring lively energy to your space because they have natural fibers in them. For the areas we plant our feet into, it's important that it hold quality and brings good energy into our bodies!

  3. Know when to go bold or keep it calm! Rugs can be the artwork for the room but also can become too overwhelming when the pattern is too heavy for the space. See below the times we kept is subtle and went bold below!

  4. Double-check measurements... and then double-check again! The worst feeling is when something doesn't fit just right that you've been so excited for. Make sure to check your measurements before ordering so you receive the perfect fit! Email our experienced team at for a free consultation to see if your rug will fit. Email them the measurements of your space and they will select the perfect size for you!

Our first ever Rug Collection just launched over at! It's beautiful, effortless, and pulled from our favorite design projects so you can enjoy it in your home too! Tell us which room you are needing help with adding a rug to! We would love to help you!

We adore this collected selection of rugs in our first launch! With different styles and price points, we can't wait to see which rugs you love!


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