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The Sweetest Thing: A Lovely Valentine's Day Table Setting

There's nothing like Valentine's Day for spreading the love. After a much needed break from the holiday frenzy of December, Valentine's Day is perfectly timed for second wind for getting together with best friends, extended family or making a special tradition with your own household.

We love to go all out on the lovey-dovey holiday. What's not to enjoy about a season of proclaiming and receiving a healthy dose of doting?

To honor this special holiday, we designed a table fit for celebration and passing love notes. We chose to embrace a broader palette than the standard red and pink. Kelly green, coral pink, blue and yellow have an uplifting influence on this table setting. Patterns, textures and fun mix of old and new create such a sweet and fun spread. Let's get into the details!

Lovely Place Settings

A striped green table cloth brings vibrancy to the backdrop of this unique Valentine's Day set up. It i the perfect base layer to build upon and helped us create this inspiring color scheme. Coral placemats with an artful design provides beautiful contrast between the table linen and the stunning textured charger plates. A set of green bamboo patterned plates are almost too pretty to eat off of. The combination is finished with a floral pink and green napkin and tulip tucked into the cutest woven napkin holders.

Celebration-Ready Bar Cart

Let's cheers to love. And to do that, why not set up an adorable drink station? We styled this chic bar cart with pretty paper straws, tiny umbrellas, vibrant cocktail napkins and sweet accessories (along with the components of delicious cocktails and mocktails of course).

One way we made this display even more intentional and appealing -- using tiny vases, special bowls and ceramic jars to contain smaller items and ingredients. Beverage options like blood orange grapefruit juice and the green glass bottles of San Pellegrino nod to the overall color scheme. We love the special touch of this tea towel to add to the whimsy of the celebration.

Need some ideas for cocktails to servce? Check out this favorite book of ours!

Darling Details

Unique and original details shape the personality of our table setting. We chose yellow glass goblets that feel vintage with more modern, channeled tumblers. This combination feels fresh and unusual in the best way. Brass flatware with acrylic blue handles are another unexpected detail that contribute beautifully to this invigorated Valentine's Day table design. A contrast in materials like this nickel vase of tulips and natural cane-wrapped pitcher add to the sweet, anything goes aesthetic that combines beautifully together. Last but not least, the centerpiece of this stunning table is a large textural vase full of cherry blossom branches.

Want to add more pattern and color? Cushions and throw pillows set on dining chairs are a fun and comfy addition.

Sweet Treats

What's a Valentine's Day party without sweet somethings to munch on? A tiered arrangement of petit fours topped with pink rosettes and an adorable buttercream naked cake are both set on embellished glass cake stands that have a timeless feel.

We hope this styled table inspires your Love Day celebration. Unexpected color schemes, pattern combinations and whimsical place settings add new moxie to the usual heart-inspired palette.

Interested in the gorgeous pieces we used?


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