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Struggling with decor? Here's our best styling tips.

This time of year sparks all the inspirations for refreshing our homes. One of the easiest (& quickest) ways to refresh your space is through decor! Yes, buying new decor is always fun to shop for, but rethinking what you already have does the trick too!

Here are a few of our best decorating hacks! From kitchens to living rooms, we have all the bases covered! You can find the links to these products at the end of this blog post!

tip #1: bookshelves & etageres

Bookshelves are etageres can be overwhelming to decorate. There are so many shelves & bare spaces to fill. Here's what we would do:

  1. Set your first layer to add height. Layer books, boxes, or trivets first. On the second to bottom shelf, you will see we aligned 4-5 book standing straight up too.

  2. Then, add our art! We like including a few pieces. Here, we set one directly on the shelf & one on s stand.

  3. Add something large. Our large coral bowl is a staple for us. It's large scale & looks. beautiful with greens.

  4. Time for smaller pieces! Statement decor, mini lamps, & vases finish off the shelf beautifully!

tip #2: living room side tables

We like to keep it simple on these surfaces! One statement lamp and something smaller next to it is a nice balance. We love the Linden Lamp you can find on it is large scale & a great conversation piece!

Picture frames, small bowls filled with candy, or trivet dishes are all great ideas.

Large coffee table books also look beautiful layered!

tip #3: nightstands

Doesn't everyone want to wake up to fresh flowers on their nightstands? We understand this isn't the norm & we don't live this way either! Here's a few beautiful nightstand styling tips!

  1. We love adding a statement lamp to the nightstand. Layered on top of a few books and that's really all you need.

  2. Adding a few accessories you love or a vase ready for fresh florals is also always a good idea!

  3. Smaller trays can become functional for holding your phone, lip balm, or other nighttime routine rituals.

It really can be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

tip #4: coffee tables

This is one of our favorite places to style! A large scale coffee table provides so much surface area for objects, books, & layering pieces. For a square table, we opt for splitting the table into four quadrants.

  1. A tray filled with smaller items (candle, crystal jar & faux tulips).

  2. A book cradle is perfect for displaying an open book. Share with your guests by opening to your favorite page!

  3. A textural bowl or object! Large scale & textured are a perfect duo. This wavy bowl is a gorgeous choice!

  4. Boxes layered! Add smaller sculptures on top for a unique look.

tip #4: entry tables

As an impressionable space, dressing an entry accordingly is important! The acessories and furniture pieces placed in this space should be functional and interesting.

One of our favorite accessories is the Rings for Brains sculpture. We love the scale & marble base with contrasting black. It's fun to look at it and it really catches your eye. We love it paired with a feminine branch & more traditional pottery vase. For Meghan's entry, she leaned in on a

modern/traditional take with mostly black & white colors. The abstract artwork is unexpected and packs a punch!

If you need help styling any more spaces in your home, let us know in the comments! We would love to help you! To shop the posts, click on this link.


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