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Pretty in Pink

Pink can be playful, sophisticated, feminine, modern or classic. There's more than one way to incorporate this charming and sometimes vibrant color to a room in an elevated, beautiful way. Whether it's a fully pink room, a balanced palette with pink tones or a single punch of pink in a neutral space, we are all for including it in the right ways. Find 6 tips below to adding this lovely color to your home.

1. Busy and Beautiful

Color is an impactful design aspect of any room. When used correctly, it's a support to the overall design aesthetic. It's also not the only major player. In fact, mostly colorless room filled with tonal whites and neutrals can be complemented with a focal point such as an accent wall. But not just any accent wall -- wallpaper is a great way to add movement and color. Take the space below. If the instead of wallpaper, this space was painted a solid shade of pink, it would be a completely different space. So while pink is a main color in the accent wall, the feature is more about the overall botanical design with greens, browns, blues and pinks.

2. Casual and Classic

Pink doesn't have to feel like a bold move. A traditional rug with multiple colors including pink automatically gives the color a classic and timeless nature. It doesn't feel overly feminine but just the right amount of softness to complement the whole palette. Throw in more traditional and classic motifs on pillows to add to the effortless feel. In this living room, the rug in a Persian pattern sets the tone for the space. The rosy red chairs and navy decor feel primary in the space. The floral pillows with a navy background and pink design bring the pink from the rug into the accents. This combination of colors makes the aesthetic comfortable and intentional, neutral and colorful.

3. A Single Striking Element

Pink doesn't have to be a permanent decision in your space. A work of art, a throw, or a decorative object can bring bold color to a neutral space. Pink can be enlivening or calming, exciting or peaceful. These pieces aren't forever so you can get a little wild with the vibrancy and pattern. We love what this detailed floral vase does to a white kitchen. It brings personality and fun and is completely non-committal.

4. Subtle Accents

Love a pinky tone but don't want it to be the main color in a space? We love to incorporate blush almost as a neutral. A small ottoman, stool or occasional chair with a light pink upholstery or finish can add a point of interest without making a loud statement. We try to tie it into the palette with another item such as a pillow, art or accent piece. Look at how the pink is a supporting color to the blue palette in this office space. It blends in without being boring.

5. Tone on Tone

If downplaying pink isn't your thing, then embrace it! With the right hue and accent finishes, choosing a primarily pink color scheme can feel high end. Be a maximalist. Put pink on the walls, the ceiling, the drapes and cushions. Pastel pink doesn't have to feel childish with brass and acrylic accents that lift the color from juvenile to chic. Check out the nursery that doubles as a guest room in Meghan's home. It's sweet enough for baby while being a luxurious stay for family and friends that come to visit.

6. Brilliant and Bold

Unlike example #1 where a wallpaper subtly added pink to a neutral space, the opposite can also be done. Neutrals can instead act like a blank canvas for a saturated layer of pink. If you want color to be the main event without doing a tonal application like #5, keep most of the elements neutral and add a vibrant, unmistakeable statement with pink. This could be a fuchsia couch, pink cabinets for a wet bar, pink tiles in a shower or like our project below -- dramatic pink stripes in many shades that create an electrifying washroom.

Would you incorporate this sometimes sweet and sometimes spunky pink to your home? Would you go all out or add it in covertly? Not every space we design gets pink incorporated into the palette but when it does, it sure feels special and sophisticated.


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