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Meghan's New Year's Resolution... a different take on 'perfect'

I love a New Year and all that it brings! The fresh start with new aspirations helps to get me generated for new growth. I started to reflect on this past year a bit earlier because I am happy with some of the change I made for myself. I invested in my physical and professional well-being this past year and it will propel me into the New Year with loftier goals. I really like the feeling of not starting from scratch, but moving forward with this momentum!!

I also am feeling a bit reflective as I am turning the corner to 40!! It feels funny to even say! The number and age doesn’t scare me but then there is this “expectation” that society puts on us… Have you accomplished what you wanted so far? Is your family balanced and happy? Is your physical self where you want it to be? Can you navigate work, kids, friends, relationships and recreation that are meaningful? So many demands are on us as humans, wives, moms and working moms. I will attempt to achieve clarity and better understanding of what I am learning. My hope for this year to continue to grow and feel even more alive in all I do.

So, I guess my goals for the year are bigger than I imagined. I will find beauty woven through our ordinary days. Being perfect is not my goal, but finding the joy in my own story is perfect for me.

Cheers to a great 2023!


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