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Keep it Classic with Red, White, & Blue

Maximalism, patriotic colors, & new House of Blum tabletop accessories? What’s not to love!

There isn’t a table setting we don’t adore, but themed scapes are the best. Tables are a great creative outlet because there are no rules attached.

Layering the table runner/cloth, placemats, plates, flatware, vases, accessories, & napkins takes time, attention to detail, & thoughtful planning. First and foremost, ask yourself who will be enjoying this table with you! Children, adults, lots of people or just a few? Your audience will alter your table in a few ways, so keep scrolling to learn our 6 tips to a great party around the table!

6 Entertaining Tips to Remember for your Next Gathering!

  1. No matter the age of the guests at your table, place a little treat in the center of the plate for snacking & entertaining. It’s perfect for young children while they have to wait to eat. We opted for fresh summer red cherries for this table setting!

  2. Layers, layers, & more layers! Layer colors, patterns, & textures to bring life to your table! Don’t worry about matching prints, because with a patriotic theme, you simply can’t go wrong! Adding rattan accents brought warmth & acrylic is just always a good idea.

  3. Two placemats are better than one!

  4. Smaller vases allow you to see through the scape. Too tall of vases can block your view from chatting across the table, so keep the vases shorter!

  5. Show off a signature piece! Give your guests something to talk about with a unique item in your setting. House of Blum’s acrylic flatware with beveled edges is our favorite conversation piece!

  6. Always prep your table. Have your table set before guests arrive, so you aren’t working through the party.

We hope these easy tips inspire you to throw that party for the Fourth! Gathering with friends & family is special and celebrating around a table with food, drinks, & laughter is the best way to enjoy the company!


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