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Working with MBI: Our Services

The beginning of a new year holds so much inspiration and opportunity!

We've received some questions about our services and what it looks like to work with a designer at MBI, so we wanted to answer those burning questions here!

Decor & Furnishings

This is the perfect service if you aren't building a new home or remodeling, but still want a change in the way your home looks with furniture, artwork, lighting, rugs, and decor. A comfortable environment that embodies movement, inspiration, and your unique interests is so important to a successful space.

First, you will meet with a designer to gather the scope of your project. They will take measurements and see your space to gather ideas and direction. Then, the designer will prepare a conceptional presentation to be sure the design style is aligned with your vision! After the specific items are selected and approved, the designer will order your pieces. Once they arrive in perfect condition, our design team and installers will install your pieces! We like to layer in decor and finishing touches to finish the space beautifully! This is a seamless process and brings fantastic results!

New Construction

Clients ideally hire us at the beginning of their new build to choose all selections for their homes. We also provide our expertise with layout, electrical walkthrough, trim stages, and other designer details. We select all the hard finishes (flooring, tile, countertops, cabinetry, trim details, lighting, plumbing fixtures, paint colors, etc.) and layer in the soft finishes to complete the project (furniture, rugs, pillows, bedding, artwork, task lighting, decor, etc.).

One of our favorite things as designers is being able to visualize and design the full picture! When we work with contractors on the build of the home and follow that with the beautiful pieces placed inside, it's a special outcome. Photos below are shared of a beautiful primary bathroom from our #TimelessBeauty project that shows the transition from construction to installation, to completion. Layering in furniture, lighting, window treatments, and decor makes the space feel like home, even in the bathrooms!

construction installation completion


Full-home remodels are one of our specialties here at MBI! We've designed a few wonderful remodel projects and it's rewarding working with our client on reenvisioning their existing home. We shared a few dramatic before and afters from our #RevivedGlam project below!

A formal foyer is the perfect place to pack a punch and make a statement! The only element of this space we kept was the staircase! We added custom millwork, fresh paint, new flooring, furniture and decor, mirrors, faux plants, and lighting to level up this space!

Color was a big attribute of this project. Our clients wanted color and it to feel sophisticated, energizing, and classic. We kept the furnishings fairly neutral while adding decor and artwork to bring in color.

This laundry room needed aesthetics and function. We didn't expand this space or reformat, but we did redesign the cabinetry, and that made a large difference. We added a sink with cabinetry to the left of the appliances and custom drying racks that pull out to the right of the appliances. We placed a large countertop space in the middle for folding clothes. Beadboard backsplash is a pretty detail that we hung artwork on.

Wallpaper in this floral motif added a little beauty to this space! The crystal beaded flush mount acts as a focal point and a great source of lighting too!

If you are looking for an experienced interior design team to work on your projects, we are accepting clients for 2024 spring and summer! If you have any more questions on our services, please visit this page on our website-

We would love to hear from you!



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