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The Power of Window Treatments

Pulling a room together can kind of be like putting a recipe together. You start with your bases and then add a little extra of this and a little extra of that. In the end, you have a beautiful result. However, if you miss a few key ingredients then the dish isn't complete and may have your guests questioning!

Window treatments are often not a priority for clients because 50% of the time they aren't a functioning aspect of the design. We always pull the fabric and hardware in the designs when it's needed so our clients can see the impact it has. Whether it's a roman shade or a drapery panel, we're going to show you the true power of going for that window treatment and completing your space!

a few of our favorite drapery installs

a few of our favorite roman shade installs
layering window treatments

One important aspect to window treatments is knowing when to layer and when you can go decorative. For bedrooms and bathrooms, I always recommend both function and decorative. Any place that you want private, both are necessary! For Meghan's primary bedroom, she layered a powered shade in a creamy texture with a white solid drape with a jeweled trim over the top. The antique brass rod is a beautiful combo added to this space with the crystal finials. Bringing the same drapery trim into the lumbar pillow was a nice touch for symmetry and creating a cohesive space!

PRO TIP: Draperies can also help with sound control in more vaulted rooms. If you have a two-story living room or a bedroom with high ceilings, we recommend adding drapes to help with that!

Next time you're questioning whether to add a window treatment or not, consider it! Or at least have plans for them later on to be added to the space. It will feel more put-together, fabulous, and comfortable!


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