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Serene Tradition Project Reveal

Revealing a new project is truly as exciting as Christmas morning... and since it's that time of year- we really can't wait to share this project! Classic, timeless, elegant, and family-oriented are all descriptors of this new construction home. You will see variations of blue colorways throughout this home- in wallpaper, fabric, rugs, and accessories. It's truly a neutral hue when it comes to traditional design.

Our client's young family of 6 keeps family values at the center of their home. Each night, they eat in the formal dining room where an eighth-generation hutch nestles into the corner holding beautiful china dishes. We aren't afraid to incorporate our client's existing furniture pieces, especially when it's an heirloom like this one.

We opted for two light fixtures to create dimension and draw the eye up. Two fabrics were selected for the captain chairs- a neutral staple for the inside and on the outer we layered in pattern! The fabric on the chairs is complemented perfectly with the creamy linen drapes with floral tape. A pop of yellow in the tape brings an extra layer of color to this monochromatic space.

Photography Credit: Adam Albright

The kitchen and living room flow together which is perfect for the family floor plan. Natural wood tones, white, brass, and marble subway tiles combine forces to bring a more transitional feel to the kitchen. Pendants with both black & brass accents are a focal point.

We love the look of using both natural wood tones for a kitchen island and white cabinetry on the outer cabinets! Brass cabinet hardware looks beautiful in both tones, so it's the perfect answer for adding dimension to a rather neutral kitchen!

The kitchen and living spaces are always rewarding to design. They are the heart of the home and typically our most used spaces. For this family of six, they wanted optimal seating that was comfortable and kid-friendly. With the help of performance fabrics, we were able to design with all-white fabrics! Blue and green throw pillows bring interest and whimsy to this traditional living room. Now, let's head to one of our favorite spaces in the home!

Smaller spaces are the perfect opportunity to pack the punch. We wanted to be thoughtful about which patterns we selected for wallcoverings so they didn't overwhelm the other features. A medium-scale Greek key octagonal print was perfect in a two-tone blue hue. Deep navy and ocean blue accent brass mirrors and sconces perfectly in this petite space. Charming details surround the mirror with small birds and branches. I love incorporating something unexpected!

If you love some sneak peeks of this project, head to the full gallery with the button below!

Thank you so much for reading our blog and following along on our projects with us! We can't wait to share more with you. See you next time! Cheers!


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