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Project Reveal: Whimsy Lynx Sitting Room

We've seen a revival of color-loving, maximalist design and we can't get enough of it. We can get behind an elegant grey used appropriately but there's so much joy in color-filled, collected spaces.

When this project came our way, our client told us the more color, the better. This was music to our ears. We were able to create her sitting room with gorgeous combinations of upholstery, pillows and patterned accessories that made this space saturated and sophisticated.

A Neutral Base

In more neutral rooms, the color we add can be through through in the rug and drapery and then subtly picked up with accessories. This space was just the opposite! We chose a solid cream rug and creamy Roman shades to be the perfect foundation to build layers of rich color, lux textures and stunning patterns. The first layer? This incredible faux zebra hide.


While whimsy was a significant goal with this space, we wanted to set the stage with more clean and tailored approach. Suiting-style plaid fabric for the lounge chair and contrasting piping trim on the sofa give the space a refined and unexpected aesthetic. Choosing more "structured" pieces as the foundation of the room allowed us to get extra creative with the pillow and accent upholstery colors, patterns and textures. And we absolutely did!

Custom Cushions and Upholstery

We chose playful fabrics for cushions and upholstery pieces. Animal print, florals, traditional prints and contemporary art designs combine for an incredibly eclectic and energizing look. Extra details like nail head trim and upholstery tape elevate the aesthetic even more. A palette of green, blue, coral, black and white create cohesion between this variety of prints.

Curating & Collections

Floor to ceiling built-in bookcases flank both sides of the room. It was the perfect opportunity to display artful objects and books that finish the overall maximalist design of the space. A collection of blue vases, colorful books arranged by hue, engaging art, and curious objects bring these white shelves to life.

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