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This fall I was honored to have my home featured in the November/December issue. It was exciting to share my personal space and my own tastes when it comes to interior design. My husband, David, and I purchased our 1915 Tudor Home 3 years ago and have made many updates for our family to enjoy in the coming years. You can find more on the issue here:

Photography: Carolyn Vaughn

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is, “how do you mix so many different patterns into one room”? What people may not know is that sometimes over 50 fabrics are selected just for the living room. Between pillows, sofas, chairs, welts, draperies, and trims, selections can expand to lengthy numbers. Here are my four tips to selecting a great blend of fabrics to complete your room!

  1. “Choose a unifying pattern or motif.” In Blum’s living room, black, white and blush pink patterns pull your eye through the room and into the dining room.”

  2. “Limit your color palette.” “Too many colors can detract and make each piece in your room feel like it stands alone,” Blum says.”

  3. “Vary pattern scale and styles.” Avoid using all stripes or all florals, for instance. And avoid using all small-scale or all large-scale patterns. Mix it up—pillows are an easy way to make changes.”

  4. “Make the oddball the focal point.” In Blum’s dining room, the only gold is the light fixture, making the piece pop against the black and white. The hue continues in the kitchen.”

The above-numbered writing is credited to Missy Keenan & DSM Magazine.

Photography: Carolyn Vaughn

My next project for my home is in the works. I enjoy collecting my favorite fabrics I come across so they stay on my radar. Sometimes I have a plan for them and sometimes I keep patient until I find an answer. Stay tuned to see which space is getting a fresh, floral facelift. As always, thank you for checking in and reading our blogs. We love writing for you and sharing the excitement at Meghan Blum Interiors!


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