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8 Checklist Items to Elevate Your Kitchen


Two islands in the kitchen screams luxury! We love the functionality that two oversized islands provide. In our #preppytraditional project, we utilized two different styled islands to blend modernism and traditional styles. The island on the left is in a walnut-finish with details built into the base. Even the Quartzite has a beveled edge that plays into the traditional feel. Plenty of cabinets and paneled dishwashers are found in this island. The second island holds 2 beverage refrigerators, an ice machine, and large drawers. There is also enough space for 5 barstools! What do you think of this kitchen design?


We always stress the power of great lighting and how it can transform a space. Your home should really tell a story with the way it flows and the way it feels to you and guests. Lighting is a big part of that story. Chandeliers, lamps, sconces, and even can lights bring the style of the home to life. Kitchens are typically a more expensive area to the home and especially when remodeling, the price of everything can seem overwhelming. Our #1 interior design tip is to add in lighting to the budget so it doesn’t get overlooked during the process. For an elevated touch, consider adding swim-arm sconces above task areas of the kitchen such as; the sink on either sides of the hood.


Comfort is something that is often not discussed by interior designers. It’s all about the way it looks are the “pizazz” that fabrics, nailheads, and pattern contribute. For most of our clients, kitchens are the place to gather. Families come together in the kitchen while mom is cooking and the kids are sitting around the island. Furniture that lives through heavy traffic should always be comfortable!

But… there’s no shame in having a gorgeous piece of furniture too! Blending comfort and beauty is our specialty. Whether vinyl, leather, or a krypton fabric is selected, be sure your designer understands your lifestyle. Kids, pets, and lifestyle all play a factor into your customized choice of counter stool.


We’ve entered a new era where open shelving in the kitchen is so popular instead of closed uppers. It’s not the most functional way to store kitchen things like cups and plates unless you have beautiful serveware. There’s also a more elevated option that just your typical wood shelves. Let us introduce you to bistro shelving! These open concept shelves with ornate metal detailing and wood shelves is such a gorgeous design. They’re the perfect home to decorate with your most beautiful bowls and glasses. We love to put accessories at the very top shelf since it’s hard to reach the top anyway.


Those perfectly aligned white kitchens we see all over the internet are beautiful to the eye due to the seamless look. Stainless steel is a great option for appliances, but paneled doors really elevate the overall space! For the #neutralelements project, a refrigerator and freezer have double doors on either side of the back countertop. We also love the symmetry this look has!


Hardware is the jewelry to any cabinet or piece of furniture. It brings high design to any room and looks very “designer”. Whether you opt for a polished nickel or brassy finish, choose something unique and go for it! Hardware can be expensive, but it’s also very replaceable. If you don’t love the way it looks after 5 years or if styles change, you can easily change your cabinet hardware.

Interior designer advice? Don’t use one style of hardware and just place it in different directions. We love the look of combining different pulls, cupped pulls, & knobs.


As you can see, we love a polished nickel faucet. It’s timeless and looks beautiful against most countertops. Most of the faucets we use in the kitchens we design do not offer a spray feature that pulls from the head of the faucet. There is usually a separate piece for the spray function. Designer tip! Your faucet finish does not have to match your lighting finishes. We love mixing metals!


Custom hoods are a gorgeous accessory piece to bring into your kitchen design. There are so many ones to choose from and finishes to select. We love the transitional style of a metal design.

Whether you’re remodeling your current kitchen, building a new home, or simply admiring your Pinterest board full of gorgeous kitchen inspo, let this list be your ultimate checklist when it comes to the cosmetic aspects of your kitchen space! Let us know what your favorite part of kitchens are- the hardware or perhaps the lighting? Put your answers in the comments section! Cheers, friends!


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