Designer Diaries: The Kitchen Goals and a Sneak Peek at the Design

Things are already transforming over at the Tudor. We’ve been working on getting the kitchen ready for it all the work we’re planning to do in there. The kitchen is always one of my favorite things to dream up with clients. When it comes to my own kitchen though, the options seem more endless than ever.

Last week I shared some of my overall interior inspiration for this new house including some kitchen shots and after some reflection on how I want the space to look, feel and be utilized, I’m excited about the direction of the kitchen design and our goals. Because really, the materials and style come after we figure out the layout and how it will be used. So today I’m sharing some of those goals David and I thought through when determining the design of our kitchen along with some renderings of the layout.

David owns his own business and I own my own business and we have two boys — hopefully it’s not a shock that I don’t always find the time to cook even though I really love to do it. However, we do spend a lot of time in the kitchen together making treats and having fun. Having a large kitchen island is a must because we are always gathered around our current home’s island, creating memories and something yummy at the same time.

This week we made a candy coated popcorn and pretzel treat together. Having a large island really does make a difference in how our family uses a kitchen.

This week we made a candy coated popcorn and pretzel treat together. Having a large island really does make a difference in how our family uses a kitchen.

One thing I’ve been really excited about are the refrigerated drawers in the butler’s pantry we’ve designed to hold all of the kids’ drinks. This is going to be a game changer at the Blum house to open up space in the refrigerator while giving our kids more independence as they get a little older. Another goal on the side of practicality is opening up the butler’s pantry and making it a more beautiful and functional space. For layout, I really want a large range with a metal hood to be the focal point of the space so we designed the flow off of that. Once we figured out what we needed out of the kitchen, it was time to figure out what we wanted.

Countertop Dimensions1.jpg

I love to design with color and a variety of styles for my clients but to stay within the classic style of the house and my personal preference for airy, sophisticated whites, we chose white cabinets with Calcutta Gold marble countertops. The island will have a combination of contemporary and traditional styles with waterfall edges on each side that are beveled. I’m incorporating mixed metallic with a leaning towards gold along with mirrored doors and glass open shelves throughout the space. I like the idea that each area or piece can feel special on its own while being cohesive all together.

OB-Meghan's Home Reno - Kitchen.jpg

Once I figured out what I wanted it to look like, LeAnn Weber from Minnesota Cabinets put it all together for me. It’s been so fun to work with her on my own project since we usually work together for our clients.


In the coming weeks, I’ll share the full design and a progress update but here’s a little taste of what the kitchen is going to look like. I absolutely cannot wait to see this come to life!

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 9.50.46 PM.png