Designer Diaries: Market Finds

I’m still processing all of the incredible things Lauren and I saw at market last week. It can be a little overwhelming to see all of the new lines and trends all at once so it’s been nice to have a week to think about what we LOVED.


These were everywhere! From planters to miniature statues to bookends, these Moai sculptures could be seen all over the Las Vegas Market. Some vendors went oversized while others kept them quaint and cute.


We also saw more classic, fine art versions of busts in other showrooms. I love that there’s variety in these trends—doesn’t just fit for one style or aesthetic. Which do you prefer? A more Renaissance version or a more island feel?

The Color Green

We’ve been seeing this color become more and more prominent in previous markets but this year, green was ALL over the Las Vegas Market. A lot of the showrooms displayed a deeper/darker green that will look great going into fall and winter months.


Remember 8 to 10 years ago when owls and deer were all the rage? We’re seeing the same happen with snakes! Not as cute and cuddly but they do have a sophisticated aesthetic in the pieces Lauren and I saw. We are seeing this in fabric, artwork and even rugs. Maybe it's the texture and movement a snake has that makes it interesting?


The New Grey

Grey has obviously been a staple in design trends for the last decade but we did see a lot of greys with browner tones at market. Some even felt more taupe or beige. I like that there is some warmth being added to grey.

A combo of the grey and head trends!

A combo of the grey and head trends!

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