Designer Diaries: Creative Compromises

I’m an interior designer but sometimes I have to put on the job hat of counselor on as well. I am often in meetings with couples who can't agree on decisions for their home. Part of my job is finding that happy medium so they are both excited about the final outcome. While it might take several meetings, we ultimately come to a resolution that everyone feels comfortable with! Honestly, it’s this compromise and extra intentional design that makes their spaces that much more beautiful.

I hit the supportive-husband-jackpot. David has spent way too many evenings moving furniture, helping paint or doing so many other random things around the house to make it look better for his designer wife. He really lets me do my thing and handle the creative direction of the house. While I often ask for input and feedback, his response usually ends up being, "whatever you want to do is fine” — a designer’s dream response, right?! But occasionally he feels strongly about something and it's important for me to take that opinion to heart.

The last few weeks, I’ve gotten to share the boys' rooms on the blog. I'm so happy with how they've turned out. But with the new baby coming, we’re rethinking the bedroom plan. Our house has 4 bedrooms and we can't decide on the 4th bedroom converting to the new nursery or just leaving it a guest room. While I think we both agree on having the boys share a room, I just don't think Harrison will be ready for that when the baby arrives. Harry sleeps great so we're going to leave him in the crib for awhile longer.


The last bedroom the guest room is pretty good size and has an en-suite bathroom. Because it has a decent amount of space, I thought it would be fun to do a king sleeper sofa. Add in a rocker and the crib, it would have both a cute sitting area a restful place for the baby to sleep. I love this idea but David is just not on board. He’s against the pull-out bed. But a few of my brands do them really well. I feel like we could find a beautiful option that would be functional for when guests stay and lovely when used as a couch. But I still haven't gotten him excited about it. What's a designer to do? Keep thinking I guess... I know that the more we work together on this, the better the solution will be. Stay tuned as I share some inspiration for the new nursery aesthetic & design!

Have you ever had these moment's of disagreements with a spouse? If so let's hear about them...

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