Designer Diaries: Harry's Room Reveal

Last week I shared Victor’s bedroom where the goal was to create a cool kid space that would age with him. The same goal was true for Harry’s room. Obviously the crib will need to be traded for a big kid bed and other changes will come over the years but the overall design will hopefully serve him now and into adolescence. That’s the plan anyway!

Also, he’ll never get that old, right?


I knew when I started designing Harry’s room that this is one that will come in stages. The wallpaper is cool and will transition into older childhood with him but some things won’t be chosen until he’s a little older.


The room isn’t huge and it has a ton of windows. It worked well that Harry already had a round crib in our last house since the best place for the crib was the middle of the floor. When he gets a big boy bed, the layout will change but for now, it works great!


I really loved choosing pieces that had a mix of pattern and texture. Kids are so fascinated and observant when it comes to differences in materials and it’s a beautiful space that he can learn and play in.

Meghan BlumComment