Designer Diaries: Victor's Room Reveal

We got the boys’ rooms ready first. We wanted them to be able to settle into the new house without much disruption in the way of decorating and rearranging later on. It helped that a lot of the design incorporated pieces from there previous bedrooms.

If you remember from this post, we did a bold orange stripe on the ceiling, a metallic and geometric wallpaper and a show stopping chandelier. A campaign-style dresser and nightstand give great storage while also feeling timeless as he gets older. Fun orange accents and blue textiles make the space feel youthful and bright. How cute is this twin-size tufted bed? Victor loves his space and I’m so glad.


I can see him growing up without needing many major changes in this room and makes me happy. I want both the boys’ to have their own spaces that really feel comfortable and reflective of who they are. Interior design is so important, even for kids!


Victor is sweet, playful and unafraid. His bedroom is too!

Playing with pattern and color were main goals as I worked to design this space. Since we had a starting point from his recently redone bedroom in our previous home, it was all about incorporating new ideas in with the elements we already had.

Meghan BlumComment