Designer Diaries: The Kitchen Reveal

Showing off the kitchen has been on my list for awhile but with all the fun things going on at MBI and in our family, there just hasn’t been the time.

But today’s the day! The kitchen is reveal is here!

When we purchased the house, the kitchen looked like this:


It was a decent size but the layout needed some work.

I took my time to really consider what I wanted from the space and how my family would use it. The kitchen in our previous home was always the spot for family fun. David and I love to do crafts and make treats with the boys helping so giving this space a layout that worked well for that as well as cooking and entertaining.

Having it be a timeless space with modern conveniences was a priority as well. It’s no surprise that after designing fabulous kitchens for my clients, I wanted to see our kitchen reach its design potential.

Marble, a mix of metals and a European feel came through as I developed the design more and more.

Moving doors and windows opened up space for more storage and counters while moving the location of the stove and fridge helped with the kitchen workflow.


This room transformed top to bottom and wall to wall. The kitchen feels as grand as the house itself while also feeling practical and family friendly. We love spending time in here and are so in love with how it turned out. Hope you love it too!

Meghan Blum