We're Heading to Market!


On Monday Lauren & I are leaving the rest of the ladies of MBI and heading to Las Vegas Market! We cannot wait. It’s like an accelerated class on what’s up and coming from our favorite vendors, new trends in interior design & gives us the opportunity to find brand new lines to incorporate into our designs.

It feels like every week there are new source books arriving at the studio. They’re all filled with gorgeous new materials, furniture, decor, etc. to dig through. They keep our eyes open to what’s currently available but there’s something about seeing things first hand and really getting to know each line in person.

Something I absolutely love about going to market is how each vendor’s area is set up. There’s so much inspiration to take away from just that. Some wonderful designers will be speaking about their experiences & processes. So much great inspiration will come from this trip. Lauren and I are ready to soak it all in!

Meghan BlumComment