Designer Diaries: The Blum Tudor Addition

A LOT has been transformed in the Blum Tudor since we purchased it. Some rooms have gotten cosmetic changes, some have been completely renovated. David, the boys and I are loving our new home but to be honest, we’ve been talking a lot about an addition.

No, we aren’t adding on to our historic home…

…we’re adding to our family!!

Later this fall, we’ll be welcoming Baby Blum #3!

We are SO excited to meet this little one. It’s been so cute watching Victor's excitement. He is contstantly asking about how the baby is doing. He has such a big heart, "How did the baby sleep?” and “Did the baby have a good day?"

Victor is also excited to share his big brother responsibilities and know-how with Harry. We put together this fun Camp Big Brother shoot as a fun way to announce the newest Baby Blum.


Thanks for reading and sharing in our joy! It means more than you know!

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