Designer Diaries: The Master Bathroom Reveal

Happy long-weekend friends! I’m looking forward to a weekend at home with my guys. Because we’re around all weekend, I’m also planning to get on Instagram stories and talk about the process of getting the house move-in ready. A lot of you have asked and I think stories would be a fun way to share!

Today I’m giving you the reveal of the master bathroom. Last you saw, it looked like this:


And before that, it looked like this:


Now the master bathroom is light and luxe—just the way I hoped it would feel.


We removed the water closet that used to be to the right of the the vanity but kept the shower where it was. A new soaking tub was placed in the center of the wall across from the vanity and the stool was placed to the left of the tub.

We absolutely love how it turned out. To find out more about my design selections, head to this post.

Redesigning a master bathroom is one of the greatest changes my clients make in their homes. It feels like such an overwhelming process to start but they all agree that with a design team, it’s so much easier and so much faster than what they anticipated. Clients can hire us solely for a bathroom remodel and that’s great too!

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